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  • Lisa Her - Beauty Educator / Makeup Artist

All About Beauty ST. PAUL, MN - Skin + Makeup Seminar

What an incredible few days I just had in St. Paul, Minnesota! I just hosted my second beauty training event on Sunday, November 15, 2015 and all I can say is “WOW!” I was overblown by the support and inspiration that filled up the room!

Thank you so much for being a part of my education journey. I love what I do but I love it even more when I can create value with it by sharing my experience, knowledge, tricks and tips with you all. Here are some behind the scenes and snap shots of my event.

On our way to the airport! Charlotte traffic on a Friday evening is not nice! We usually like to leave about 2 hours before departing time. We had a total of 3 luggages/boxes of goodies to fly out! Luckily most of the packages were shipped directly to St. Paul so it took some load off from us!

Getting this beautiful space set up! I loved the natural lighting and mirrors the Sterling Hall at the Midpointe Event Center had available. I don't think any place would be more perfect!

My crew and I got there about 2 hours before sign in started. It was a pretty simple set-up.

One of the event sponsors - Model 21 Lashes from Canada! Some of my favorite lashes!!!!!! I love how they individually gift wrapped each set in these pretty pink ribbon!!! Each one of my attendees recieved their own set of 10 lashes. How wonderful is that? Check out some of their gorgeous natural to soft glam styles on

My excited face tells it all!!! Prepping my beautiful model, Pahoua Lor's face and sharing some of my favorite skin prep products and application methods!

Talking and demonstrating about skincare. I love good skin tips to help me look more youthful - and my attendees did too!

One of my current favorite skincare brands is this advanced technology line from Korea called ATOMY. It's all organic, infused with herbal medicine and made with patent radiation fusion technology, and nano capsule technology so that products are absorbed efficiently with maximum absorption. Send me a message if you're interested in learning more about my favorite products from this line!

Laura Barnes and Malee Vang Xiong of Sigma Beauty were a few of my special guests that educated about brush care and shared info about brushes! They also donated a petite travel friendly blending brush and a spa glove cleaner for the gift bags!

One of my elite team educators, Bao Lee, educating about hair and hair extensions.

It was a full house! My attendees watching and learning some tricks of the trade!

Showing the zones for contouring.

Attendees were able to watch, learn and implement new techniques while practicing on themselves in class.

I'm demonstrating how to create a glamour eye!

My finished look on Pahoua! Photographed by photographer extraordinaire, and one of my dearest childhood friends, True Moua. Check out some of her ethereal work on!

Here's a selfie from Pahoua! I used lash style no. 25+27 from one of my favorite brands Model21Eyelashes. I love this style of Asian eyes because it spikes up and makes the eyes appear more open. Check out their complete lash line on - some of the most comfortable lash bands in the industry.

The gift bags!!!! My sisters and I had so much fun putting these together a few nights before the event! It took up all the room of one and half cars!

Some of the goodies from the gift bags! Loved all the new products shared with us!

A snapshot of NYX Cosmetics goodies before we packaged them into the gift bags! The Matte Bronzer is one of my new favorites - it's not too dark and has a nuetral tone that compliments my skin color.

I ended up spending two extra days in St. Paul to relax, repack and spend time with family. My husband and I finally headed home on a late Tuesday night flight. Starbucks, and fresh baked goods from the airport French bakery hit the spot!

Thank you so much for being apart of this amazing experience! You will all be in my wonderful memories! Special thanks to my life coach hubby, Thay Yang, my amazing and supportive family who repeated flooded everyone's Face Book news feed with my event flyers, my skin and beauty team, my special guests, my out-of-this-world supporters and followers - (you are the best!!), and last but not least, all my sponsors for the beautiful gifts!

NYX Cosmetics

Sigma Beauty

Model 21 Lashes

Model 21 Eyelashes

Atomy Skin

I am looking forward to doing more events and hoping to make a stop in your town! Please send me a message if you would like to be apart of my future events. I'd love to meet you and see how we can work together!

Event Photography credit: True Moua Photography

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