What I love most about creating art,

is being able to inspire others by sharing and teaching the passion.

Knowledge can move mountains and I love being apart of the on going inspiration.





I never thought how sharing tricks of the trade can make such an amazing impact. I've been teaching my clients how to do their own makeup for years - as well as aspiring and seasoned makeup artists, and the more I teach, the more rewarding my profession has become.  


On a personal beauty level, I offer one-on-one private makeup lessons where I start with analyzing your current beauty regimen, and then take it to the next level with professional techniques where you can implement instantly. I share some of my secret skincare and makeup essentials to achieve flawless complexion and beautifully blended foundation. I observe the way you apply your eye makeup, eyebrows, blush, bronzer, and lips and then show you other efficient ways to maintain a fresh everyday look, then, transform into a bolder style. These lessons are ideal for aspiring and professional models who are constantly updating their portfolios, beauty pageant contestants who require a "camera ready" face on the stage and for public appearances, or someone who just wants to revamp their look but seek professional advice and direction.  My lessons are customized for your needs and start with a minimum 2 hour session.


My Professional and Aspiring Artist Trainings are great for artists who are ready to take their artistry passion to the next level – PRO Artist status. My intensive training involves hands-on demonstration, theory and discussion, building and maintaining your back office, the ground works of working in the field and managing your freelance business, and basically tips and tricks that has worked for me and my team. I recommend my students to have a makeup kit, however, if you do not currently have one or if you are just started building a kit, I have created some starter, professional and master makeup kits that you can add into your tuition. Makeup kits are always building as you learn more about what your clientele are and the products that give you the best results. I will provide most of the tools and supplies for our lessons during the hands-on courses and teach you how to make the most use of your kit. Upon completion, you will receive a certification from me. What also comes as a bonus with my professional trainings are the career changing opportunities to be a part of my elite pro artist team and also a lifelong mentor to help guide you and support you to unimaginable heights! I have been in your shoes before and this is the heart of all reasons that drives me to create the ultimate curriculum and experience so that we all can become successful together!



Full Face Day to Night Look - 2 Hours - $150

From Start to Finish Personal Lesson - 3 Hours - $200
Skincare, Prep, Foundation - 1 Hour - $95

Contour & Highlighting - 1 Hour - $95

Just Eyes - 1 Hour - $95

Just Eyebrows - 1 Hour - $95

Travel Skincare Kit, Mini Brush Set, Lip + Eyeshadow Kit - $195



Sanitation & Makeup Kit Building

Fundamentals of a Professional Artist

Essential Trade Techniques




Business Building & Fundamentals
Portfolio Building

Mastering Custom Color Matching

Highlighting / Contouring / Brightening

HD Media / Photography / Film

Airbrush Makeup

Bridal Beauty

Creating Your Brand



MASTER ARTIST TRAINING - 10 Day Course - $3000 (with Master Artist Kit $5000)


Learn what it takes to become a respected and successful makeup artist. This course includes everything from the Professional Artist Training Curriculum plus more in depth about the business aspects, intensive hands on experience with application and an opportunity to shadow me in the field to learn "real time" situations. Students have the opportunity to practice pro techniques on real models with a beauty photo shoot following and will receive retouched images of their work to use in building their makeup portfolio. You will complete the training with the confidence, knowledge, tools and a goal plan for success. I teach you everything you need to do to get started, find balance and stay booked and start living your dream job!




Start Up Makeup Kit - $500 - Basic Essentials


Pro Makeup Kit - $900 - Professional Essentials


Master Artist Makeup Kit - $2000 - This kit includes all the tools and Lisa Her recommended products you will need to complete full applications for any skintone, for any occasion. Includes a full professional brush set and travel train case.


Starter Airbrush Kit - $250





Like most photographers, I like to focus on the creative part of the imagery. The technical stuff -  I left that to my husband to handle. But the more I got behind the lens, I realized how important it is to be knowledgeable about your camera, lens, settings, lighting, and everything else that matters to create an amazing capture. It took years of experimenting to cultivate my style and I'll show you all the in's and out's on how and what it takes to make your work an original masterpiece.


My photography training is for anyone who has little to transitional experience. You must be coachable and be a fast learner because it's an intense training. I'll share everything that has helped me and guide you from things that are not worth the investment and time. I'll take you on site and in my studio for hands-on training and help you develop confidence and the skill necessary to execute a successful photography session.


I dedicate a lot of my time into these intensive training because I want to see you grow and succeed. My photography trainings require an initial 5 consecutive days theory and hands on schedule, followed by a once a month session until I feel you are ready to lift off on your own.



Learn how I create my Natural yet defined eyebrows. Enjoy!