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Hi and welcome! I am so glad you are here.

I am a makeup artist, photographer and a natural born dreamer.

I am not the best at telling people who I am, but I can tell you what inspires me and what I love most about being an artist. I am a true believer of "doing what you love" because this lifestyle has strengthened my purpose of life, helped me face and over turn challenges with confidence, encouraged me to follow my dreams and it continues to inspire me everyday to be a positive energy for my loved ones, supporters and my community. And, that is simply why I am a makeup artist and photographer - I love every moment of it and being able to work with people that value my craft is even more rewarding.


I love to create and transform things.

Whether it be a face, an object, a process, a space or a feeling...I love what I do because it allows me to be original at enhancing the current situation, nonetheless, simply just making things better. As a makeup artist, each of my designs are uniquely hand crafted to bring out the best beautiful you. My craft is more than just the finished product of quality tools and step-by-step techniques - it is a concept where I use a visualization method to determine the areas of accentuation and pin point the color palette selection and placement based on texture, undertone, and inspiring elements. The art of highlighting and contouring is a sculpting technique where I bring forth your natural glow and harmonize art and nature with your unique framing and features. I find this technique to be a tranquilizing process that has involved a lot of experience, skill and understanding of individual styles.


I love to work with faces, feelings, fashion and beauty.

As a photographer, it's an important responsibility because I am trusted to capture the feelings that the images will forever be remembered of when viewed again years from now. It's something that's very valuable to me because I get to be a historian; documenting valuable life moments which will later make an ordinary or spectacular moment even more meaningful. I love to work with faces, feelings, fashion and beauty and this is a passion that took me years to realize how much I enjoyed creating. It began as a way to make a living, but now it is what makes my life complete, along with my four happy-go-lucky kiddos - Penelli, Kashia, Sonano & Carbyn and my AMAZING life coach, business partner, and husband, Thay, who within a heartbeat,  gave up his engineer career to support my passion. Dedication, believing and the love of your passion can move mountains.


Photography and makeup is truly an art and lifestyle

that has transformed the way I do things.

It has blessed me with a love to give my all in each craft I do so I can not only bring out the beautiful from within, but make my clients feel confident and amazing all around. Art is very special to me and it has created the standards that I live by and teach of. Thank you for letting me share it with you and for taking a moment to read this. I look forward to being a part of your most treasured moments, professional journey and/or creative project.


All the best!
























Growing up with a strong and supportive family business background, Lisa’s interest in the Arts encouraged her to open her first business in the image industry as a self-taught portrait photographer and business franchise creator when she was 21. Her love of working with faces led her to further her studies in Skincare, Makeup Artistry and Semi Permanent Makeup. Lisa is a state board certified Esthetician and licensed tattoo artist with credentials that include being a Motives Cosmetics Certified Skincare Specialist and Trainer, holding a professional airbrush makeup artistry certification in High Fashion and Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artistry from Hollywood Expressions and a Microblading Permanent Makeup Certification with Baltic Brows and a Microshading and Ombre Powder Brows Certification with Brows by Linnie. Lisa likes to refresh and add more trade knowledge and experience with new techniques and discover advanced skincare, PMU and through industry trade shows, workshops and seminars. Being in the image and beauty industry for over 19 years, Lisa is constantly seeking challenges and opportunities to learn, grow and further her passions.


Lisa’s engaging personality, intrinsic artistic skills, gentle sensibility and enthusiastic energy for art and beauty have established her as a burgeoning talent in the industry. Her work as a makeup artist and  photographer have been published in several editorials, international magazines and websites such as International Natural Hair Braiding magazine, SANATA, Ultimate MMA, Elevate Lifestyle Magazine, Glam Rock Magazine, INSPIRE Weddings and Marriage, Carolina Bride, Charlotte Weddings,, and


Lisa is committed to applying the knowledge and experience that she has gained through her career to benefit the community she lives in and beyond.

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