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  • Lisa Her - Beauty Educator

Lisa Her's Makeup Workshop - CHARLOTTE NC

It has been an amazing year so far and I am so thankful for all the wonderful things I've been blessed with in all aspects of my life, especially with my makeup artist profession! I made an annoucement about 3 months ago on Facebook that I'll be launching exciting things involving one of my greatest passion - beauty and makeup education! This past Saturday, August 8, 2015 was the launch of my very first makeup workshop and I cannot of asked for a more amazing turnout! Here are some pictures that my friend, Maria Hernandez, photographed while we were behind the scenes. I cannot wait to announce my next stop - it may just be your town! Please leave a comment if you are intested in having me come to your city and share some of my most requested beauty and makeup secrets. None of this would be possible without my amazing supporters!!! So, Thank YOU so much for making this dream of mine come true. I absolutely love to inspire others by sharing and teaching about what I love to do! It has been an absolute joy ride and I look forward to spreading the inspiration to you, our communities and beyond!

Here's a recap of how my day was:

My morning started out at 6 am - fully awake in excitement! I have been counting the days and couldn't believe the moment has come! As I gather up all the supplies in one pile and finish up on my makeup, my wonder husband (who is the real MVP!) made sure everything was loaded and ready to go.

(Image - Lisa Her's moring Facebook post)

Since I am a makeup artist and I was going to teach about makeup, it was very important for me to have the "right" look. Some of my guests have never seen me in person, and I wanted my look to represent my work yet appear flawless in real life. So, just doing the everyday look was out of the question since my everyday look is basically BB cream, light powder, blush, lip balm, mascara and brows. The morning of, I still didn't know which makeup look to go with - I was just going to trust my instincts and paint whatever (this is my usually concept on myself... lol) but since my "which makeup look should I do" post on Facebook and Instagram, your comments helped me decide on a smokey eye ( using the Limit and Nooner eye shadow colors from Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette + Bengal, Chocolate and Noir from the Anastasia Bevely Hills Tamanna @dressyourface Palette) with a double winged liner (using the most pigmented gel liner in the world - INGLOT AMC Gel Liner in Black) with my favorite lashes on Asian eyes (Model21Eyelashes in no. 25T) and my favorite brown mauve lip ( a mix of NARS Velvet Lip Liner Karekare and MAC Spice Lip Liner). Thank you for all the comments on my post - it was subtle yet bold and it went pretty well with my outfit too!!

(Image - This post helped Lisa Her finalize on her makeup for the event! It was blend of the two images on the right side - top and bottom)

We had a little over 2 hours to set up at the Haute Exclusive Red Orchid Event Center before guests started arriving. I couldn't of completed a smooth and successful setup without my AMAZING team. Everyone was so open to do whatever which made it very easy to delegate job duties. I've always been a huge team player and I feel you can never be successful alone. I am grateful to have such a wonderful team who are also my dearest friends.

As the first group of guests arrived to sign-in, I was getting so much more excited! The room filled up within minutes and it was really happening! My first makeup workshop!!!! As my host, Amanda Cowles, welcomed the guests and introduced me, I couldn't help but be all smiles seeing familiar and new faces in the audience. I still remember exactly how it felt - it was just such a grateful feeling to see how supportive my followers are. For them to take a fews hours out of their schedule and support my first makeup training journey - it just means so much to me! Everyone's energy made it super easy to be myself and talk freely.

(Image - Amanda Cowles introduces Lisa Her to the attendees)

(Image - Seated guests applause to Amanda Cowles's welcoming and annoucements)

(Image - Lisa Her welcomes guests and introduces special guests: Veda Vang, Champa Thao and Lizzy Rivera)

I wanted to add a surprise in my event and make the schedule non-traditional, engaging, fun and spontaneous so I invited a few talented ladies from my beauty team to share some tricks of the trade in their specialized profession. Special thanks to my guest speakers, Champa Thao, Veda Vang and Lizzy Rivera. Each of them brought valuable information to the event and made the experience even more amazing!

(Image - Champa Thao demonstates how to apply eyebrows.)

(Image - Lizzy Rivera sharing tips on how to tease hair.)

(Image - Veda Vang talks about how Nutrition has an important role in in overall health and beauty.)

(Image - Lisa Her shows one of her favorite skincare remedies for refreshed, illuminated skin)

I had an opportunity to share some of my skin care secrets as well as makeup tips on how to map out your contour and highlight zones, how to blend and set it all together so it appears smooth and natural looking, as well as the "how to" on polishing up your natural eyebrows with powder, an angled brush and spoolie, and concealer. I also demonstrated on how to cancel out darkness under the eyes so it looks bright and highlighted. Another requested step by step application I demonstrated was the famous "soft smokey eyes" and "winged Liner." All my models were picked from the audience which made it more fun! We used the final hour for practice so everyone can have an opportunity to apply the knowledge they learned on themselves with the guidance and help of a professional on site.

(Image -Lisa Her demonstrates how to apply the contour cream in the correct zones on Vivian's face.)

( Image - Lisa Her prepping Gifty's eyebrows for the demonstration.)

(Image - Attendees watch and practice as Lisa instructs on the makeup application techniques)

It just felt as if we were just getting started, and then the event was over. Everything happens so fast when you're having fun! It was an absolute pleasure seeing each one of my guests. They know how to make me feel so wonderful about what I do and they are my inspiration to becoming better at my craft and giving back! I cannot thank my supporters enough for they are the true reason why I can live my dream! I appreciate your love and support and making my first makeup workshop a huge success! I'm even more excited to announce when and where I will hosting my next workshop, so stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram @lisaher for makeup and photography fun and also to be up to date with my training schedule.

(Image - Attendees during the practice hour with the assitance and guidance of professional makeup artists from Lisa's Elite Team of Artists)

(Image - Fresh blended strawberry, blueberry and kale smoothies for everyone! Special recipe by Veda Vang)

(Image - Event hosts Amanda Cowles and Nou Yang poses for a fun shot at the sign in and raffle drawing table)

(Image - Delicious and gorgeous looking creamy cheesecake heaven topped with fresh fruit, homemade pudding and cupcakes were so good! All crafted and set up by Pangkhou Xiong)

(Image - Attendees use products from their own kits and also from the makeup prizes they won during the event.)

(Image - Lisa Her signing the certificates for the attendees of her Makeup Workshop)

(Image - Beautiful guests posing with their certificates)

(Image - Mallia [from Georgia], Joy and Ei [from the Hickory Morganton area] posing with Lisa Her)

Special thank you's to my amazing team:

Ana Calleja, Maria Hernandez, Jessica Hernandez, Nou Yang, Amanda Cowles, Veda Vang, Lizzy Rivera, Champa Thao, Jenny Le, Sherry Lee, Pangkhou Xiong, Jah Ia Yang, Nouchee Yang, Thay Yang

Photo credit: Maria Hernandez and Mariana Angulo

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