(14) Hydro Gel Masks

(14) Hydro Gel Masks

Used since: January 2015

What is it: It's a Hydro Gel Face Mask made with Korean organic botanical herbal ingredients. It feels really nice when you put on since the gel texture molds right onto the shape of your face.

What does it do: It has helped me with restoring the moisture, firmness, elasticity, as well brightening and reviving that youthful glow back in my skin.

How to use: Use twice a week as a treatment. I like to put it on the night before a big event so my skin can look and feel fresh and radiant for a flawless complexion. It's definitely something you can add into your skincare routine. Just do your usually cleansing, toning, then put on the mask, then finish with your moisturizer.

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