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  • Lisa Her - Makeup Artist / Photographer

Romantic Miami FLORIDA Wedding - Happy 3 Year Anniversary to Shane and Amy!

I never had the chance to blog this breath taking wedding - so now here it is!

This is one of the most gorgeous weddings my husband and I've photographed yet! It was the perfect "work and play" getaway to Miami, Florida. We started our relaxing morning at the Westin at Ft. Lauderdale where we dolled up the bridal party with a serene ocean front view.

Although we discussed about how gorgeous Shane and Amy's wedding venue, The Ancient Spanish Monestary, was going to be, seeing it with raw eyes was one-hundred folds more stunning. The architecture of the ancient structure to the ambience it radiant when you first open those beautiful wooden doors - it was the perfect place to create wedding memories. This just made my heart beat even more to capture these amazing memories at this breath taking place.

I fall in love all over again when I look at these pictures. Enjoy!

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