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  • Lisa Her - Makeup Artist, Photographer

Melody + Seethong | Summer Wedding

Modern Hmong weddings are always something I look forward to attending and photographing. Not only do they have the most delicious and colorful homemade desserts, but it's quite fun to document an action packed day full of love, celebration, family reunions and non-stop dancing! Since I am also from the same ethnic background, I understand the unique culture and tradition modern Hmong couples may add to their wedding celebrations. My husband (who is my ninja shooter) and my camera shutters did not rest at all on Melody and Seethong's wedding day. There were so many detailed and fun memories to capture for the 200 + guest list party.

Our day started at 7 am with a drive-thru to Starbucks for a very bold venti pike place. It was going to be a long day ending at 11 pm. Once we got our caffine, the rest of the drive was a cruise on Interstate 40 towards the mountains. The First United Methodist Church was the ceremony and reception venue. It has one of the most beautiful chapels located in downtown Morganton, NC. I had to get there by 9 am to set up since I was doing Melody’s airbrush makeup! We had done a trial a few weeks before the wedding and I was so excited to doll her up again because I love her choice of bridal style! I always feel like the wedding day makeup is just so much more gorgeous even though it’s the same look I create during the trial run. She wanted full contour and highlight, polished brows, bold lips with beauty inspirations from the stunning “Adele.” It was a classic, elegant style that was so enjoyable to create.

Here's a glimpse of some of our favorite shots of the newlyweds. I was pretty surprised we were able to sneak out of the reception to take these images. Congratulations, Melody and Seethong, and thank you for letting us be apart of your beautiful day!

Melody and Seethong's Wedding Slideshow

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