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  • Lisa Her | Airbrush Makeup Artist | Professional

Modern Bridal Beauty and Style

Today's modern brides have really changed the makeup and hairstyles for the industry. It seems like all my brides are wanting the soft, romantic, whimsical hair that looks clean but not completely polished and hairsprayed in place. The makeup requests are also more on the softer side - with brides requesting makeup that makes the skin look natural, luminous and smooth up close and in camera, and their eyes to be a little more dolled up than the everyday. It's been a joyride getting to know each one of my brides throughout the years and every one of their requests has helped me to understand more and more of what these modern brides really want. No bride is a like, and with their unique features, wedding details, and personal style, I absolutely love what I do even more because it is truly a custom crafted art that I get to create with them. It makes it special, unique and perfect for each one of my beauties!

Here's a bridal hair and makeup session that my hairstylist, Lizzy Rivera and I created to show off our modern bridal beauty style. Here's the details:

For our bride, Lily's hair, Lizzy added about 18" of hair extensions (human hair) and about 8 pieces were used. Lily has thick, semi curly shoulder length hair so this just added the perfect amount of length for the bridal style. Lizzy incorporated a braid to the back of the style and cascaded the locks onto the right side of the shoulders. The front was kept soft swooped for the goddess hair piece. Lot of dry shampoo was used to prep the hair for the perfect texture and holding power. Lizzy used a wand to curl the hair and extensions, and teased the crown with a teasing brush.

For makeup, I used airbrush makeup. I started by prepping the skin with a pH skin normalizer (to set the balance of the pH level making the skincare products absorb better) and then followed with a hydrating moisturizer for Lily's dry skin. After massaging the product into the skin, I applied a pore minimizing primer to even out the skin surface. Primers are awesome to help make the foundation apply on so much smoother and last longer too. I then followed with a BB cream to add in some SPF. Concealer goes next - and once everything is well blended with the Beauty Blender, the airbrush makeup starts.

Airbrush makeup is buildable and also high coverage compared to liquid foundations. I typically do 2 - 3 coats of airbrush foundation based on how much coverage my bride wants, and if the specific areas need more coverage. Once the airbrush foundation is evenlly applied, I use a shade that is 3 times dark as the contour shade. Then comes the shimmer highlighting on the cheekbones and eyebrow zone, finishing with airbrush blush on the apples to the cheek bones. Airbrush dries quickly, so it's important to set it right away. My favorite setting powder for airbrush makeup is the NARS Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Crystal. It is transparent so the founcation color is not altered. I lightly dust the loose powder to set perfectly applied airbrush. Then, I move straight to starting the eye makeup, eyeliner, lashes, eyebrows, cheeks, bronzer, contour and highlighting, and then lips.

Modern brides are gearing more towards soft natural lip colors. The most requested color recently is a soft nude pink peach tone. It looks soft, bridal, romantic and fresh! Once everything is complete and the bride loves it all - I set the entire application with a Makeup setting spray. This helps make the makeup look more natural, fresh and lock in the makeup for the entire day - exactly how it was for this gorgeous photo shoot we did in Uptown Charlotte, NC.

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