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Breast Cancer Punk Rock Inspired Makeup Design

I've always wanted to create an all PINK makeup look in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month - so this is the design I pulled together with the help of one of my talented hairstylists, Lizzy Rivera. When I told Lizzy I was planning to create this look, she was thrilled to be apart of it. Her Mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer and so I thought this was the perfect way for us to express our support for everyone has been affected by this cancer.

We started out with slicking my short bob to the back with 100 + bobby pins. Then Lizzy started to braid a teased mohawk, spraying each section in place. She literally used a bottle of hairspray and then sealed it with pink hair color spray that I picked up from Party City. We used about one and a half bottles of hair color spray and we had to do this part outside just to make sure we didn't paint my studio pink! This was also my first time coloring my hair so it took a second for me to recognize myself! I thought it would look better with matching eyebrows so Pink eyebrows nailed the look! I just used a MAC Chromecolor eyeliner in Magenta to fill it in and then set with a pink eye shadow using an angled eyebrow brush.


Here's my makeup mess shot after I finished my Punk Rock Breast Cancer makeup. Most of the eye makeup consisted of Pink glitter by EyeKandy Cosmetics and gel eyeliner by Tarte Cosmetics. The feather eyelashes that I used on the upper lashes were a Cirque Soleil edition from Ardell. The lower lashes I balanced the eyes with is from one of my favorite lash companies, Model21Eyelashes. The self adhesive rhinestones gave the look an extra "bling."

This was definitely one of my favorites design to create. Just something fun "out of the box!" I was also glad I was able to participate and contribute something in the spirit of Breast Cancer awareness. I'll be brainstorming of some new ideas for next year's design. What ideas do you have?

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