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Veda said YES! | Veda + David's Romantic Engagement Session at Raffaldini Vineyards

Veda and David can say nothing at all and you can hear their love speak loud and clear. I had the privilege to spend the perfect cool summer day with Veda and David at the magnificent Raffaldini Vineyards for this romantic engagement session. All I can say is that their love story is truly incredible to capture - picture perfect, to be exact! They are truly the perfect "happy-go-lucky-madly in love" newly engaged couple! I'm so thrilled to finally share these breath taking pictures. It was everything I envisioned and more. Enjoy!

The RING!!! It's absolutely stunning!!! Great taste, David!

Veda brought these adorable props to add in some extra personality into their session. They have been together for 10 years and when he popped the question, she said it was about damn time! They are so cute together, aren't they?

This view is so incredible. I felt like I was somewhere in Italy the entire time we were on the patio over look and vineyards. Raffaldini Vineyards is definitely an amazing venue for a wedding or even a wine tasting weekend! Veda and David love wine, it was the perfect piece of heaven for this session.

They're so beautiful together - I can photograph Veda and David forever.

Did I mention that I also was lucky enough to do Veda's makeup??? I'm always super excited when I also get to doll up my photography clients.

The rose garden was in perfect bloom! I had to sneak this shot from a distance - because some of the best shots are done when you're ninja-ing around in the bushes. lol!

I love using props. It's the smallest details that can complete the essence of the feeling you want to portray in a picture. A bottle of chilled wine was waiting for us when we arrived to Raffaldini Vineyards. They also threw in two wine glasses for booking their venue for the session. Of course we had to use that for the picnic session, and those grapes, cheese and loaf of bread are all real. It came in handy for in between snacking for this engagement session.

I love doing these shots because they don't know what the other person is doing behind their back until they actually see the pictures. Always great captures when people do random, silly, "in the moment" kind of poses! For sure I didn't know David could jump that high!! Loved that we can add some silliness to their love story.

Veda and David thought the shoot was over when we left the vineyards, but we couldn't just pass by a rustic abandoned house without taking a few quick snaps! Yes - that's exactly what we did! Earlier that day as we were driving towards the vineyard, I spotted this house and mentioned to them that we should take a few pics there later. I wasn't sure how spontaneous Veda and David are, but they gladly said, "Sure!" I don't know if they were just saying that to be nice and swing with my crazy ideas, but indeed they lived up to it! There was also a beautiful open field of tall grass next to the house and it was the perfect southern rustic scenery with lots of back lighting. I loved how it highlighted Veda's romantic beachy waves. It reminded me of a vintage southern love story movie.

I just love picket fences!!! We also stopped for a few sweet shots on this black picket fence that surrounded a small herd of cows. David was so sweet and picked a pretty little yellow flower to put in Veda's hair. I love it when poses are unplanned and just caught in the moment.

It's funny the text conversations that Veda and I had leading up to the session. We brainstormed back and forth about the venue, wardrobe, props and posing. Of course there were going to be a lot of candid shots, but some were also going to posed accordingly to some inspired shots Veda pulled off from Pinterest. We weren't sure of how David was going to feel about the camera being in front of him for that duration of time, but he sure did surprised us! David is a natural stunner (and probably secretly a model too!) Loved his fresh, slick hair cut and dark beard. It went so perfectly with the suspenders, don't you agree? Wardrobe was coordinated by Veda and she did a brilliant job!!!

And guess where our final pictures were taken at?! It was definitely a random place and I knew for sure Veda and David wouldn't be up for it - but I jokingly asked and David said, "Sure," again! It was this vibrant field of magenta flowers on Interstate 77 that caught my eyes as we were heading to Rhonda earlier on our road trip. It was the perfect bed of flowers to conclude this breath taking engagement session (minus the sound of cars passing by, lol). Another beautifully captured love story collection thanks to stunning venues, a drop dead gorgeous couple, an open mind and willingness to have fun, be spontaneous, along with well planned elements and mother nature being on our side!

Thanks for taking the time to view my work! I'd love to capture your next destination inspired engagement shoot! If you can dream it, I can bring it to life through photography. Thanks for your amazing support!

- Lisa

Just a cute slideshow of some of our favorite shots!!!

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