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Snow Inspired Makeup Design Collections

We seldom receive any snow down here in North Carolina, so when I heard that we were expecting some, my eyes lit up and started brainstorming some ideas for a clean serene snow inspired makeup look. I've been also wanting to take some pictures with my latest accessory - a hand-made jeweled headpiece created by the talented accessories designer, Zong, of Pretty Rock Girl Collection. I discovered this fierce boutique on facebook and was in awe by her modern rockish glam style. After I saw her etsy store, I knew she would be able to create something one of a kind and immaculate for me! I aksed Zong to custom create me a headpiece that would accentuate my face and also look good with bold, vibrant makeup. We exchanged ideas, pictures, brainstormed and within a few months, I had my ethereal Goddess headpiece in my posession. So, as you can see, I was saving this piece for a special photo shoot, and it was perfect with the serene snow.

At this time, Disney's Frozen, had just released and it was my tween daughters' current favorite movie. Yes, they were watching the trailor on youtube since it was aired, and all I was hearing was those catchy words, "Let it go.... let it go.....," that hit number, sung by Queen Elsa in the movie. I have to say, that was one of my favorite parts of the movie though. Disney never fails to portray good messages in their stories. So I looked upon Queen Elsa as the inspired makeup palette for my snow look. Queen Elsa had a combination of purples and magentas, so I incorporated these beautiful hues along with teals. I always think this color trio looks incredible! And of course, glitter has been my recent craze, so yup - guilty! I iced the look with the sparkly stuff! It's so eye catching and beautiful just like the snow.

I hope that you will enjoy these pictures that my amazing husband, Thay, took of my ethereal snow inspired makeup design.

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